Heelos Save our Stilettos REVIEW

 When I discover this heelos I couldn’t believe my eyes cause seriously who doesn’t destroy heels in  Amsterdam of any city in the world I love Amsterdam but the stones on the streets always get to damage my heels so I always try to go with wide heels in the city specially now that I bought my Valentino heels and they weren’t cheap at all I didn’t wanted to damage them as I would be crying if I did so so I ordered them and got them in 2 days time at home and of course I give my first try I must say they are quiet easy to walk in and you feel must secure that your heel doesn’t gonna get stock into two stones so if someone is in need and you wanna save your heels why not given it a try I’m so lucky to have found there website the ones I bought cost 10,95 euros and you can find the website HERE


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