I love fashion bloggers the video

Yeah and the video is finally release remember about the cool  project I talk you about a few months back and the clothes I was lucky enough to wear that day for the project you can check it out  HERE   
So happy about this project with Ilovefashionbloggers can’t wait  to hear what do you think about the video ;D  you can see a sneak video behind my blogger life on the video lol  and of course what every girl dreams of to wear those amazing clothes that are in the boutiques ;D but the best part of it is that every blogger can be on the top to be the upcoming top blogger on Ilovefashionbloggers how cool is that so don’t miss it out to subscribe on  http://www.ilovefashionbloggers.com/.

Ps: I think it is about time for me to do more videos for you guys don’t you think if you agree tell me what would you like to see on the video would love to hear your thoughts 


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