Is all about the details

 Last Sunday was finally good weather the perfect day to wear my open back peplum top as the weather gets better I just want to be wearing less layers over my clothes this look was perfect and chic for the occasion  casual chic love the pearl necklace it gives a nice touch to this look specially when everything is plain and simple

What I Was Wearing:
Sunglasses: celine
Peplum top: courtesy of AXPARIS
Burgundy pants: H&M
Sandals: zara this season
Bag: courtesy of VIPARO
Blazer: zara last year 


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18 thoughts on “Is all about the details

  1. I love the peplum on the top. I think it just exudes femininity. it doesnt matter if it on a top, jacket or a skirt. You just make my eyes like this @,@ I am crazy about the blazer with the black lapel. Are the pants leather? I know you’ve modeled the before. That colour was made for you. Love the movie star pearls and sunglasses too. Wishing you a fabulous weekend dear. ♡♡♡

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