July Favourite Looks


I thought it would be a nice idea to do a recap each month of the outfits I’ve worn on the blog. I guess it’s this little voice in my stomach begging me to ask you what your favourite outfit was this month… They may say curiosity kills the cat, but no one said it kills the blogger!

In case you have been lurking at what I was wearing . I will leave the link post down below to be redirected to the relevant blog post containing more pictures.

Would love to know which outfit you like the most or which one is so your style , looking forward reading your comments ;D



  1. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=10974
  2. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=11050
  3. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=11058#more-11058
  4. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=10957
  5. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=10943
  6. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=10898
  7. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=10949
  8. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=10963
  9. Outfit:http://preppyfashionist.com/?p=10855

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