little bit lykke li /// Bomber flower jacket

Horrible days I just took this pictures today before going to have my hair done I haven’t see the sun today but still I love to wear my brothers cap but I took it off cause my face looks a bit darker  cause it was not sun but I love to wear the cap in this not sunny days I saw this jacket hanging in the zara and felt in Love with the print as I’m so into flower prints right now I need flowers in my closet  so this look is more sporty chic kind of girly look I really can’t wait to wear my dresses and hope to have more sun lights cause so I can shoot beautiful pictures for you girls ;D so I still have one look left before you see my hair is much lighter now but I needed my Ombre hair back

What I was wearing:
Bomber flower Jacket: Zara
Black shirt: filippa k
Mint pants: H&M
Colourfull Sandals: Altrasa

Bag: H&M


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12 thoughts on “little bit lykke li /// Bomber flower jacket

  1. I love this look so much sweetie!!! Your floral bomber jacket is so beautiful,i love its girly and sporty-chic at the same time. A truly great addition to your wardrobe! It looks so great with those mint coloured jeans and coloured heels! Loveee ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care,Daniella xox

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