Photography made by Chiara Ferragni aka
Photography made by Chiara Ferragni aka
Photography made by Chiara Ferragni aka
Photography made by Chiara Ferragni aka

Guess who won the L’autre Chose giveaway‏ ME I was just waiting to receive the gift to show you of course cause as some of you tell you in facebook that I won 😉 I”ve never won a giveway before!!!!
I won a precious sandals with stones that I’m so in love with they are so comfortable to walk in thanks so much from L’autre Chose and and the wonderful blue dress that also Chiara Ferragni own and the sandals to I could’nt be happier so stay tune to see how the dress looks on me !!!
Don’t forget to check out L’autre Chose  webpage to see their amazing catalog  so Thanks so much L’autre Chose giveaway‏ You just make me so happie with this wonderful gift xxX
Adivinen quien gano L’autre Chose giveaway‏ Yo ya estava esperando el paquete ah que llegara para mostrarles por supuesto mi regalo porque ya uno de ustedes ya sabian que había ganado y lo había anunciado por facebook, Yo nunca había ganado un giveaway antes !!
Me gane unas preciosas sandalias con lentejuelas y piedras preciosas son re lindas y re comfortables para caminar  muchas gracías L’autre Chose giveaway‏ y el hermoso vestido que Chiara Ferragni uso para el evento bueno me gane todo el outfit completo no pudriese estar más feliz así que esten pendientes para ver como me queda el vestido.!!!
Y no se olviden de ver su pagina web para ver su lindo catalogo Muchas gracías de nuevo L’autre Chose giveaway‏ estoy tan feliz .;)


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15 thoughts on “Lucky Me PREPPY FASHIONIST

  1. I’m so jealous!
    That dress is gorgeous and so are the shoes. I’m already a shoe addict so I love the shoes mpre but they’re both super stunning!!
    Can’t wait to see you wear them 🙂

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