Mint and brown

It is nothing better then wearing leather jackets paired with a skirt and bare legs I so love the spring weather and can’t get enough of this heels I look so much taller then I’m lol and they are so easy to walk in I bought this skirt from the new collection from H&M new icon love when model collaborate with big brands only a shame I couldn’t get the leather jacket was sold out everywhere did one of you got something from the collection if so what ?? but got the skirt so I’m happy.

mint top: courtesy of NOWISTYLE
Leather jacket: courtesy of ARAFEEL
skirt: H&M new icon collection
Necklace: H&M last year
Bag: mulberry alexa
Heels: Yves saint laurent
sunglasses: celine 


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27 thoughts on “Mint and brown

  1. Those heels are so tall! I love them though. And that skirt is so pretty. I can see you wearing it to the beach or on a boardwalk by the sea. It’s so nice. Hope you’re having a good day! <3


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