Polka dot blouse

 Casual chic blouses in windy days like these I walk the entire centrum in those heels and I damage one heel I hate stones on the street but I’ll tell you that I found the best protection for heels but I’ll tell you more about it soon on the blog, preppy style a la gossip girl is always cute and sophisticated and this blouse speaks from them self don’t you think for me polka dot printed fabrics will never be out of fashion .

What I was Wearing:
Polka dot blouse: Banggood 
Red blazer: zara sold out but similar HERE 
HEELS: ZARA but similar HERE 
Jeans: zara but similar HERE 



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18 thoughts on “Polka dot blouse

  1. Oh yes, it does remind me so much of Gossip Girl. I haven’t watched that show in a few months and I miss the fashion inspiration. That top is so cute! And I want to know your secret for protecting heels! I always step into the cracks of the sidewalks. 🙂


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