Rainy Amsterdam weather


Living in the Netherlands for years, the most popular topic that Dutch people speak about is about the weather and  selfs I do talk about it most of the time so an umbrella is essential for rainy days but this not just a normal umbrella this umbrella is seriously unbreakable so perfect for the stormy weather and windy days.

I have to confess that I always use to buy cheap umbrellas from £5 pounds and of course, didn’t last very long especially me that cycles with an umbrella in a hand I’m very dutch in that way because I don’t like wearing rain coats that much so I’m very happy with this exemplar that will last me a lifetime if I don’t forget it in the tube but is big enough so I guess I won’t haha.

The design is so original but cool at the same time because is not like the other umbrellas if you know what I meant, I felt like a Mary poppings holding my lovely umbrella ;D have you guys hear about this brand before if yes would love to hear about it, I can’t live without it  now haha.



img_9272-2 img_9254

What I Was Wearing:

Umbrella: Senz

Scarf: Inez Boutique

Coat: Choies SOLD OUT similar HERE

Jeans: Matalan similar HERE

Shoes: FrenchSole







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