Sneek windy days

 Sunny days are over but that won’t stop me to wear something nice as hard as I’m dying for summer to come apparently this year we gonna have a cold summer if only a miracle can happen ;( but I think I talk to much about the weather on the blog now back to the outfit I’m wearing my ever first Guess sandals that I bought like 5 years ago they are old but still very classy ones and always try to wear them in the summer and think it goes perfectly with the lips blouse I also love how Coco style this same blouse with a lip clutch she looks so Gorgeous don’t you agree and don’t forget to check out her blog

What I was Wearing:
Lips blouse: courtesy of BANGGOOD 
White jacket: zara
Jeans: zara but similar HERE
Red heels: Guess old but similar HERE
Heart bag: mango


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19 thoughts on “Sneek windy days

  1. Oh honey, thank you so much!!! It’s very kind of you to put my photo on your blog!!! You can’t imagine how happy I am!!! Wishing to meet you one day!!! Love u honey❤

  2. Aww that Coco girl is so cute! I love her lips clutch. But I loveee your red strappy heels! You make that blouse look so chic. And I love the jacket you wore. I wish I could give you some of my heat here in California. And then you can give me some of your cold. 🙂 <3


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