I must say that I hate shooting at night or twilight it gets so dark so quick, but this pictures looks different then my other picts and love the effect Iris did a great job shooting them I was wearing my fake furry coat from last year with a peplum top  and glamorous pearl necklace haha the sunglasses I just wear them for the shoot I though it would look better and indeed it does I love the  blue patterns  on the socks shame the pict is a little bit blurry ;( and thanks so much to Iris for this cool picts I enjoy shooting with you  Dear.
Picts credits to the lovely Iris from 

What I Was Wearing:
Sunglasses: celine
Necklace: zara
Furry coat: Chicwish last year
Boyfriend jeans: zara
Heels: zara
Socks: courtesy of TIGHTPLEASE
Peplum sweater: NOWISTYLE


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11 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. I love twilight pictures. I think they look pretty and yours turn out great too! =D Love that furry coat you have.

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