What to wear for a walk at the beach in Fall !


I wish I could tell you pack a bag with a bikini,  towels and sun protection well that one we  have to use anyways even in the winter,  in Fall things changes I like to keep a few things in mind when deciding what to wear to the beach in Autumn:

1.- It’ll be cold and windy so everything I wear needs to help me stay as warm as possible.

2.-I’m going to get wet so a good pair of wellies are a must.

3.- Loose fitting jeans like the boyfriend ones are also in my list perfect for a relaxing day at the beach.

4.- A hat to keep your head warm is a must but I won’t recommend you wearing a loose one as it is windy and it might blew it away, so make sure it fits you perfectly.

5.- If you are lucky enough to live in England or are visiting make sure to have fish and chips it has become my favorite meal since I live here specially with garlic sauce is so tasty.

Do you guys have an extra option to add to this list please be free to live a comment down below.









What I was wearing:

Hat: EcuaAndino

Coat: Numph

Top: NewLook

Belt: Versace vintage similar HERE

Boyfriend Jeans:  Zara similar HERE

Wellies: Merry People



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