10 Facts about me


This was my second time that I went to the swing at the end of the world , the first time I went with my cousin and she didn’t took any good picture ;( .

The second time I went with a few friends , and they knew how to caught that precious moment in the swing I feel so happy that I have an amazing picture at this beautiful place because is nothing like other places and I must say is really special.

I wrote my 10 facts down below hope  you like them ;D



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10 Facts about me:

  1.  I Have one sibling , a younger brother
  2. I don’t eat  boiled eggs
  3. Recently I move to England and I’m so excited to be here ;D like a happy kid!
  4. I spend 9 months travelling trough my home country “Ecuador” because I didn’t know my own country
  5. I lived in Holland for 12 years
  6. I speak 3 languages Dutch ,English and Spanish
  7. Swimming is my biggest passion and I could do it all summer long
  8. My favourite movie ever is “The Notebook”
  9. I Love cooking <3
  10. When I was a child I always wish I had ginger hair , but I’m happy been a brunette ;D


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