A day at the Beach

I paired this jumpsuit with flat leather sandals instead of white trainers. I wanted an effortless off-duty look instead of a sporty look and the sandals were the perfect touch for that.

I’m someone that never goes for a jumpsuit but I thought why not given it a try and I have to confess it is nothing more comfortable then wearing a jumpsuit in summer time ;D so I will be buying more.

Straw bags Oh my god ! I’m so obsessed with them some of you saw my insta stories and help me choose this bag the all idea of wearing a beach bag daily change every outfit completely I’m in love with this one by Ravinala

Now, I’m to do some online shopping! I have a couple of trips coming up.. stay tuned!



What I Was wearing:

Jumpsuit: Lollyslaundry

Watch: HenryLondon

Leather sandals: RebelLondon

Straw bag: Ravinala

Coat: Storm and Marie



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