All the dots will connect


this couple of days they have been so stressful I have to prepare myself to give my exam , and a lot of exciting events are coming all in one month aww , sometimes I wish that two Virgit’s exist so that I can easily divided myself and do so many things as possible in ones but I guess I have to organize myself more to make everything happen .

I wore this gorgeous dress in a nice spring weather 18 degrees and more good weather is coming this weekend yeah ;D

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday <3

Picts by Lily (








g3What I Was Wearing:

Dress: In Love With Fashion

Jacket: Mango

Earrings: H&M

Bag: Proenza schoulder ps11

Heels: Valentino

Watch: Michael kors


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17 thoughts on “All the dots will connect

  1. Oh my gosh you look absolutely stunning babe!!! I love how the pics turned out 😀

    And I know exactly what you are talking about! The todo list is endless!!!
    Work hard, play hard!!! hihihihi…

    See you very soon sweety pie!!!

    X Lily

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