Barok ‘N Roll

When i saw this sweater I felt in love again LOL I always fall in love with the clothes I  see in the stores lol I think the same happens to you but this sweater was again the last one hanging there and in my size I just could not avoid buying it and on sale for only 12 euros so cheap but luxury and cozy  wishing you all a wonderful weekend
with love Virgit

What I was wearing:
Sweater: New look On sale
blue glittery skirt: zara
boots: New look
Burgundy Bag: New look
bracelet: Newlook


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41 thoughts on “Barok ‘N Roll

  1. Oh sweetie i love love love your new sweater!!! It has the perfect fit and looks so chic styled with the navy mini skirt and black boots!! Also beautiful photos as always sweetheart!! 🙂

    Take care,Daniella xox

  2. What i love about this outfit is your clutch, such a nice color it is. and your earrings look very nice but i can’t make out their shape.
    what kind of shape are they? the sweater is a great deal!

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