Bloggers battle by The sting


Remember the shoot I was doing the other day that you saw  on Instagram,  is a collaboration with The Sting store and this is the end result and it is for a blogger battle if you vote for me HERE you make chance to win this entire outfit except from the boots!  I seriously need those boots in my life they are from top shop but from 8 months ago really hard to find now I just got them for this shoot ;D.

But of course if you like my bloggers babe Iris and Larissa you can also vote for them and you make chance to win there entire look .

It was so much fun shooting and styling , the funny part of it is that I’m not really a fan of coca cola but I just love that t-shirt but I know that a lot of you are ;D and the fact that I know the girls made the day so fun.

Which style would you wear?





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