Blogs Awards 2011

Hello sweeties Now that we are reaching 2012 so fast I wanted to have a blog award 2011since I got the lovely award from MY WAY Momentos Blog I should say check out her blog is really nice and she is so adorable


Thanks so much Girls for all your support  I try to read your blog eveyday and if I do not when I read it I try to answer all your posts and you know it Love reading your blog .
Ps: I’ll announce the giveaway winner later today I only can’t still figurated it out how to copy the ramdon picture to my blog any ideas will be welcome kisses xXxx Virgit


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9 thoughts on “Blogs Awards 2011

  1. I am SO flattered to receive these award from the girl I admire the most on here, you can’t imagine how important that is to me!
    Thank you very much my love, and I’ll always be there to support your amazing style!
    Love ♥

  2. Congratulations my lovely friend!!! Aw and thank youuuuu for putting on your list,i feel so flattered!!! Especially coming from someone like you has has incredible style!!!!! So much love for you honey and thank you again! 🙂

    Take care,Daniella xox

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