Boots crush Thakoon

Since I have been researching for unique boots and someone told me about these one and when I so them I felt in love they are amazing the only problem where to find them I know they are from the label THAKOON  gosh even though I already own a pair of blue boots but I never get enough  this one are beautiful I think is time I need to be counting how many pair of shoes I own and start selling the ones I don’t wear what about you how many pair of shoes do you own?.


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12 thoughts on “Boots crush Thakoon

  1. those royal blue boots indeed are beautiful but the material seems to be a bit unpractical.. at least when you live in Estonia and have to drive your car every day 😛
    how many pairs do I own? honestly I have no idea.. maybe between 50 and 80? gosh, I don’t know! 😀

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  2. oooo i don’t think i’d be able to resist those boots either! the shape of it is so clean, and i like how the heels are sturdy and walkable. and that material is GORGEOUS

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