Breaking Dawn part 2 trailer

I just could not avoid sharing the trailer from Breaking dawn part 2 I have read all the books even though I don’t like to read books but I was so addicted to those books I watch the movies so many times and never get tired of it and now I can’t wait to watch the last part of breaking dawn who else love twilight as I do I specially love Edward cullen and Bella they look so great together and even in true life they are couple gosh I think will always have a big crush about Robert Pattinson who doesn’t <3 ;D he is so handsome and such a great English actor  have a lovely weekend you  all .


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10 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn part 2 trailer

  1. Omg you can’t imagine how excited I am for this movie!! I also read all four books and the last one was my favorite so I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna do it!! 😀

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