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Ombre Hair

When it comes to Hair trends  the biggest Hair trend this year was OMBRE hair and  still is  at first I didn’t use to  like this lazy look but slowly I was falling in love with the look and as you all know I already have my OMBRE Hair look but just wanted it to shared this pictures with you cause almost all the famous are sporting OMBRE hair look.
What is Ombre Hair exactly ??   It’s when it ends / tips of your hair are lighter than your roots almost as if your roots have grown out
and I use to have brown lighter OMBRE hair  and I just changed it in something more dramatic in Blond  believe me the first week I just couldn’t get use do it to the look cause I have never been so blond in my life LOL but I just wanted a new look before the new year starts but now I’m  happy with my look I look different and love that and love a change for a while who is following this trend are you planning to do Ombre Hair as well.

Besos Virgit xXx

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