Denim Jacket


I love to steal my mums garments and this one is one of them the fact that is vintage makes it unique well is not that this one doesn’t look like the other denim jackets out there but I love it, I don’t know what it is about this hat but makes my outfits look so french and is great haha well probably are the cute trousers as well they are a so classy and girly that I adore this kind of looks classy but trendy wearing this cute crop top if you see good it has flamingos on it I only own one pair of high waisted jeans in my closet and now I got this trousers is hard to see people out there wearing this kind of trousers everywhere I look everyone wear jeans including me  haha but sometimes I love to make the different out there <3.

Happy Monday !











h8  what I Was Wearing:

Hat: New look old similar(Here)

Denim Jacket: my mum vintage similar (HERE)

Crop top: courtesy of Lovers&Friends

Trousers: courtesy of NowIstyle

Bag: accesories

Heels: Valentino

Watch: Michael Kors



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