Hello Sunshines,
I have to confess , this playsuit is one of the perfect fitting ones I have ever had and is so minimalistic I don’t know I think the older I get the different I dress up it is like that every year and always tell everybody that my style is very eclectic .
I love cute stuff so much but sometimes you want to feel elegant too, I went like this to a funeral here in Guayaquil city you know is very hot here I can’t be all cover up and even I though I was dressing up normal even tho I try because people don’t let you be yourself over here is not the same freedom I have in Europe but even tho that doesn’t stop me wearing what I like , an old lady came up to me and told me this playsuit is for the beach and not the church I was like What Ever!!!! They were other people with an open décolleté and because I was showing some legs it wasn’t good enough for the church for God sicks!!!
I’m more daring in Europe about wearing what I want as you know me I love to wear colours , but seen so much colours everywhere on the streets of Ecuador it makes me wearing just neutral colours.

Photography by www.nabilina.blogspot.com


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What I was wearing:
Sunglasses: Zerouv
Necklace : Here
Rock studs : Valentino
Bracelet: balenciaga


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4 thoughts on “Dreamer

  1. I love all ur outfits and i also have the same problem, it is true about people don’t let u be free about what u wear that’s why i love to scape sometimes to other countries… and also with this guayaquil damm hot weather, i have little options to wear…


    Ps: could u make a post about what to wear to a beach wedding at this hot country? thx

    1. thanks so much hun glad you think like me I though I was the only one , will make a post about that very soon hun

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