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I was gone for a while , and now for the first time in my life I’m writing a diary instagram blog post about my adventures in Ecuador , I can explain how happy I’m  to visit new places in my country that I didn’t even know they exist the nature in Ecuador is so breathtaking that sometimes I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming been here makes me do things that I never though I would do it in my life.

Will explain more about it later with more pictures and info about it here down is a description of every picture hope you enjoy reading.

1._  the first picture is so breathtaking that I though I was dreaming the swing at the end of the world is one of the most dangerous swing I have ever seen, if you love adrenaline don’t forget to try this while you are in Ecuador the view is amazing while you sit there you can see the volcano and the mountains.

2.-the view from the el cafe del cielo is so breathtaking but u can tell just by looking at this picture in real is so much better but it is absolutely amazing .

3.- Parque Historico, when I use to live in Ecuador before I use to pay for an entrance and now it is free the park has a zoo and old historical houses from Guayaquil  and even a old train .

4.- Old train from the parque historico and palm trees

5.- A view inside a old house in the Parque Historico

6.- free Bob Marley shots while I was at the best disco in Baños the leprechaun, a disco where you will find the best electro and latin music and full European tourists.

7.-With my cousin at one of the biggest  and dangerous water fall in Baños “El pailon del diablo ”

8.- Esmeraldas- Tachina

9.-My second cover for magazine expresiones in Ecuador

10.- The Quechua Make up

11.- Ambato view  from the Family Park


Virgit XxX

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