Ecuador: Travel Diary #1

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Hello  sweet folk,

And I’m finally writing my first travel diary ever written on the blog, I have to be sincere I’m a tourist in my own country so everything I see that caught my eye I made a picture out of it, I haven’t been in Ecuador like ages ago after 12 years I came back to my country and of course I didn’t came here just to stay 1 month but I will stay around 3 months over here and write about my adventures, I still have a few relatives left in Ecuador as most of my family lives in Holland and the rest of Europe.

What I missed the most is the food I can’t compare Ecuadorian food with an other from an other country even tough I’m crazy about Turkish food and Italian but will talk about food later on.

In my first week I visited the historical park in Guayaquil were you can find flora and fauna and so many typical Ecuadorian animals like the parrot and exotic flowers like the one you see above, the iguana is a typical Ecuadorian animal that looks like a small dragon don’t you agree ?

I even visited my aunts farm the other day she grows vegetables , bananas and cacao so if you were wondering were the chocolate comes from ? is funny that in Europe you hardly know were the fruits and vegetables come from or how the plant looks like we just eat ;D but been in the farm makes me realize how much work it actually is.

I even visited an Ecuadorian fair were people from all around Ecuador show there products to the market and I saw so much colours everywhere no wonder I love to use colours in my looks but I just realize it now where it comes from.

I even went to Esmeraldas is a city that is best known because of the beaches and seriously I have never been to a beach that the water is not cold but this one is perfect even at night is nice and warm well not hot but just perfect .

And the last city that I visited was Ambato were the weather is ideal in my opinion warm at  day and chilly at night I so wish it was like that in Holland.

Hope you enjoy my first travel diary next week will be an other one so stay tuned ;D


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n53The famous Iguanan54 n55 n47 n48 n50 n51 n41The Banana Plantn43 n46 The Cacao Plantn66Tipical Ecuadorian Candies

n38Traditional Ecuadorians costumen39

Typical earringsn40 n27They write your name in a rice seed how crazy is that?

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Ecuadorian Souvenirs n25 n26 n28 n29Samme best warm beach ever in Esmeralda n30 n31 n32 n58 n59

Ambato viewn61 n63


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