Ecuador Travel diary #2


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Gosh!!! It has been a really long time since I last blog about my travels in Ecuador , this post is made by the tour I took in Baños -Ecuador to go to the jungle for a day We travel for almost 2 hours from Baños to the Puyo when we got there they took us to visit a house were they native from Ecuador live and to get to know more about the culture and how it is to live in the wild, even though I visited the primary jungle and not the virgin jungle, they show us how aboriginals Haunt and if the guy is good by haunting that means he will be a great husband they say lol even though I try to haunt it was very heavy to carry and to actually catch something with it so is really hard work to be an indigenous.

I even got to hold an small cayman I was very afraid to hold it I was so nervous that I drop the poor animal on the floor and almost bitten an french tourist.

They paint my face with natural indigenous paint, they normally they paint there face when they are celebrating something special and the woman’s were special clothes like the ones you see down below is really funny but I was kind of feeling like an indigenous girl.

After that we got into our canoe’s  to cross over the Pastaza river, but that was the most terrifying experience ever we had to wear rubber boots and our life jacket just in case we felt into the water, but I was afraid because they all they were alligators in the Pastaza river but the worse animal that was in the river was the  piranha  they told us not to put our hand into the water just in case a piranha took our skin off hahhahaha ;P  I was very scary to fall into the water because the canoe was shaking a lot and I was afraid  the canoe could capsize.

After that we had a walk into the jungle and we had the opportunity to hold a Boa gosh I would never guess ever that I will be able to even touch one the Boa Snake was very strong and as they say the Boa doesn’t have bones or poison teeth  but it felt like the Boa snake has bones but it was just the strength of the animal.

we had the chance to take a rest on each of our   hammocks and  have a beautiful view of  the jungle.

And after that we had a 40 minutes walk to get to the waterfall, that it was ice cold but I had such a great experience to be there and I’m dying to go to the virgin jungle next time.

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