El Pailon Del Diablo : Ecuadorian Diary


Hello sweeties,

An other adventure from my Ecuadorian Diary, I visited Baños the other day a city that I heard so much about  when I got there it was full of tourists I was impress to see so much Germans and British over there , we rent a small buggy car with my cousin and we travel one hour to the Pailon Del Diablo waterfall they said that is one of the best waterfall from Baños when we got at that place we had to do 40 minutes walk to get to the waterfall but ones we got there it was worth the walk it was so beautiful we got completely wet because we went to the top of the waterfall it was very cool to be able to be there is an experience I can’t describe but soon will upload a video about it I hope you enjoy this Ecuadorian diary next week will come an other one so stay tuned.



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What I Was Wearing:

Sunglasses: Celine

Top: Chicwish

Shorts: Levis

Espadrilles: Chanel

Rucksack: From a small tourist shop in Ecuador

Bracelet: Balenciaga


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