Forever21 Grand opening

Two weeks back I was invited to see finally the 3 floor forever21 store in Amsterdam I have never been so excited to see a store ok ok I was also with Top shop after reading other blogs in America about it ,I was impress about the building that is really big ;0 and as I normally take pictures I decided to do  a vlog video but without the chatting lol a video says more then pictures don’t you think ? it was glad to see all the blogger reunited in one building seriously that’s why I love events <3 to catch up with everyone <3 but forever21 felt really for a 21 years old girl I felt old to wear those clothes right now no kidding probably for a festival I will wear some shorts I seriously can’t wait for the summer to come , but I wasn’t that impress at all  about the store I think I expected to much from it but seen those clothes they look like the ones they sell in  Primark and I love Primark ;D because is cheaper then any store I know  and that I mean also the quality of it was actually the same but some of you might have other opinions about it .

I heard the good news about Top Shop that they gonna put there own store in Amsterdam after having already topshop in a warehouse a own store is always welcome with more garments right so that’s great news for my  Dutch fans  it might be normal in Engeland but in Holland we love Top shop and come on who doesn’t right;D.

Happy Saturday you all XXx





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