In the middle of the road

Since I saw the H&M Paris collection the first thing that caught my eyes were those boots I told myself I need them in my life and the cap as well are so essential I imagine already in my head how I would be wearing it mini skirt with long knee boots looks awesome this must be my favorite look for September love it and shoot in a different background kind of risky but love the end result so much in the middle of the road and seriously I don’t know I always tell in my blog that I’m so lucky to buy my shoes this was an other case of been lucky online were this boots sold out and went to the store if they still had a pair left and yes there it was the last pair in my size how lucky.

What I Was Wearing:
Cap: H&M paris collection 2013
Crop top: courtesy of FRONT ROW SHOP
Skirt: zara
Blazer: Mango
Boots: H&M paris collection 2013


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17 thoughts on “In the middle of the road

  1. This is one of my favorite looks of yours!!! I’m so happy you found those boots, and jealous as well. 🙂 They look fabulous on you and I love how you styled them with the short skirt. It’s a perfect and chic fall look! <3


  2. Oh wow such a funny coincidance!

    I posted a very similar black and white look with “over the knee” boots
    walking on a tramline track in Amsterdam a day before you;)
    I guess we were in the same mindstate for an outfit like this lol

    You can check out the post here:

    I have the same H&M cap and the H&M boots in the color brown suede.
    Yes love them like you do;)

    Have a fabulous fashionable sunday dear.

    xx Tamara Chloé

  3. Hello ! You’re really awsome such nice look !!
    I’ve been looking for weeks in order to find over the knee boots but in vain ! I totally fall in love with yours !! However do you know where could i buy them ? I live in france but i didn’t find them neither on the shop online nor in the store ..
    Thanks for your help. Xoxo

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