Into the Wild

HELLO GALS AND GENTS I’m so into animal print right now  loving this outfit I know I’m wearing almost head to toes black but the leopard print give’s this outfits an Amazing result love this  Hope u all have an amazing Saturday enjoy the weekend Kisses

What I was wearing:
Leopard top : femenine
Black pants/jacket: zara
Boots: New Look
Speedy bag : louis vouiton


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49 thoughts on “Into the Wild

  1. I’m obsessed with animal prints too,it goes well with every color! I love this rockish look sweetie as usual you look amazing even in casual outfits!
    I had a big crush for your necklace and bag <333
    Btw your nails are super pretty too, i’ll try one like yours too 🙂
    Have a nice week end

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