Just Fab outfit Giveaway on my instagram


Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is doing a right! This week I’m starting with an amazing news that I have been telling you about a few days back before my phone dies obviously lol I’m holding this cool giveaway in collaboration with JUstFab.Uk where you can win my entire look ( blazer, sweater, trousers, bag and boots) from @justfabUK by following their account on Instagram, commenting on the picture at my Instagram, and tagging two friends.Good luck!

Good luck!

Especially now that we are starting a new season and as for every girl dreams we always need some new pieces into our wardrobe I meant why not right?

Hope you like this outfit seriously the blazer is a must this season and the coat is a classy one ;D.



What I Was Wearing:

Hat: H&M similar HERE

Blazer: JustFab

Coat: JustFab

Sweater: JustFab

Trousers: JustFab

Boots: JustFab

Bag: JustFab

Chocker: Ivy Rebel


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2 thoughts on “Just Fab outfit Giveaway on my instagram

  1. Sweetie, it’s been a while since I last popped by! Don’t know if you remember me but I found you through LB! Hehe! And Wow, your hair! I just realized that you’ve had it colored! Rad! And your blog, it is looking awesome! You look really edgy beautiful in this outfit. LOVE it. I wish you a splendid week ahead =D x

    1. Hi Lovely,

      Thank you for stopping by and oh my god I just though how long ago I haven’t updated my lookbook account glad you like my new hair colour so happy you like it, I wish you an splendid week ahead too lovely.

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