La Playa

I just spend the all weekend at the beach so happy it was such a wonderful weather love spending time at the beach and just walk and play with the water believe me I never swim in the sea here in Holland cause it is always too cold but I did last weekend the weather was over the 30 degrees ;D it just feel like I was back in my days in my country but trust me I couldn’t handle the heat so after I shoot this pictures I took my clothes off and stay in bikini all day long.

What I was wearing:

Sweater/shorts/necklace: zara

Sunglasses: Mango


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15 thoughts on “La Playa

  1. what a cool sweater that is! I like the back of it. and I also like those colourful shorts. and I can totally understand why you could not spend any more time in those clothes when there were +30 degrees outside! 😛 I miss weather like that but our summer is long gone now 🙁

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  2. Hi Virgit, Thanks for wanting to follow me, unfortunetly I do not have the Google Friend Connect. You can follow me via bloglovin or by going to your blogger dashboard and adding me to your reading list 🙂 hope you do one of these and I shall do the same for you 🙂

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