MR. PROBZ on repeat ” Till you’re Loved”


Mr.Probz (©2017 Ilja Meefout)

This is my latest obsession on repeat, I discovered it a little while back and it has become my favourite. I don’t really know how to explain it and it probably sounds strange, but this new track ” Till You’re loved”  makes me experience so many different feelings when I listen to it, not to mention bring me extremely good memories from recent days.
I wanted to keep it to myself for a little while but I thought most of you would really enjoy it, Hope you like it!  I have been playing this track while going to the gym in the past few days. I just LOVE the lyrics and not to forget Mr Probz is a Dutch artist with Danish roots I seriously never get enough of Dutch DJ’s and musicians.

Listen HERE and check out a little teaser of the video down below!

Hope you like it and happy Saturday!!!








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