My DIY side split maxi Skirt

Hello Gals and finally my look of the day with my DIY skirt I love the colours of this skirt lol my mum and I we handle to make it lol of course it is not like a profesional skirt would look like lol but it doesn’t matter I just love the result and for been my first DIY project I think is not to bad still have to learn alot lol but will be doing more DIY projects soon cause I love maxi skirts LOl but with a bared leg you make the skirt more interesting and sexy at the same time I got alot of looks on the street they told me sexy and elegant skirt well I felt flatter  what do you think about my DIY skirt?? waiting for your comments lol wish you all  a wonderful sunday sweeties.
kisses Virgit xXx
PS: I can finally writte you all back I had a problem with my PC that could not answer back to some of you  but now problem solve ;D

What I was wearing:
Baret/top/sunglasses: H&M
Blazer/heels: zara
skirt: DIY
necklace/bag: New look
Belt : Moschino Vintage belt


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37 thoughts on “My DIY side split maxi Skirt

  1. I love love your outfit my dear and these photos are beautiful!!! I can’t get over how stunning your skirt is and how you have styled it with these incredible pieces. Especially Your jacket and those gorgeous shoes! Oh your bag is perfect for this look! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care,Daniella xox

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