My teddy bear hat

A winter outfit since it is pretty cold over here -13 at night and -5 at the day plus today  we got snow so happy LOL can’t wait to shoot with the snow  I still have to figured out about my camera but thanks so much for all your advice and nice comments about it really apreciated it I shoot this pictures on wednesday  and as some of you read my post about animal hats and some of you didn’t,  well I would said take a look cause animal hats are in and they are so adorable and cute  have a wonderful weekend you all.

What I was wearing:
teddy hat: accesories
leopard jacket: New look
leather pants: H&M
boots: sacha
bag : New LOok 


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25 thoughts on “My teddy bear hat

  1. so cute!! the little hat looks great with the leopard print coat! Wow, -5 sounds so cold! It’s been 65 here this week in California. That would feel like summer! Have a great weekend Virgit! <3


  2. And this is how you look stylish in the winter!!! Love this outfit sweetie!!! They layers are perfect and really love the detailing of the grey socks with the tanned ankle boots and love the combination of the leopard furry coat with the leather trousers. Ooooo and your hat is super cute honey πŸ™‚

    Take care,Daniella xox

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