My top 4 favourite swimwear of 2020

Hello my lovelies,

Hi my lovelies and happy Wednesday!

 Today I’m sharing my top 4 one piece SHEIN swimwear Fashion finds I’ve picked up for this summer. I’ve shared a look over on my IG stories and the gram but thought it would be fun to round all them up in a blog post.

I normally tend to write one look in one blog post but to be honest I got so much content to post, but I haven’t find the time to do so. Because I was doing a course online and I decided to stay away from the internet for a while even though I keep active in my stories.

I’ve picked up some elegant swimsuits under £15 pounds! They all have great reviews on the SHEIN website, and I’m excited to share them with y’all in person. And I also have to point out this old fedora hat from Topshop that never goes out of style. I thought it would perfect for some beach pictures.

SHEIN is offering my followers extra 15% off any purchase, (Valid from 1st August until — September 30th) with code JS083

Happy shopping!!
I hope y’all have a great Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by <3

The Bondgirl swimsuit

If you ever want to feel like a Bond girl this is one of those swimwear that you need to have in your wardrobe, I feel after been in lockdown I have been gaining weight, so I decided to go for a safe option and get some one piece swimwear and in black that makes you look slimmer. The only critique that I have is that the brackets stick out to the outside then for the rest this piece make my waist look smaller I love it is one of my favourite swimsuits <3
Corduroy Belted One Piece Swimsuit : SHEIN

Underwire Belted High Waist Bikini Swimsuit

I guess this is the least flattering underwire belted high waist bikini swimsuit on me, I love purple but somehow I didn’t like it as much as the other ones if I’m completely honest, lol probably because I don’t have enough boobs hehe LOL I don’t know I love that the fabric is thick and stretchy I mean for what we pay for is just a great deal. I’m so into this trend of high waisted bikinis to hide the belly fat and look slimmer lol but I don’t think this one is that flattering. What do you think?

Underwire Belted High Waist Bikini Swimsuit: SHEIN

V neck swimsuit

This swimsuit is one of the best swimsuits that fitted my body perfectly, OMG material and fitting is just a dream, I look like a bomb shell in it haha. To be honest white always does good specially when you are tanning is ideal. I love that this swimsuit accentuates the waist nicely.
One of my best purchases so far 😉
V-Neck Belted One Piece Swimsuit: SHEIN

One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit

This is another great piece , I chose this one because of the colour it goes perfect with my skin and is very flattering on anybody I would say, it fits so well. The only critique I have is when you put it on the white lining from the inside is noticeable and I have to pull it inside. You could eventually wear it as a top the quality of the product is 10 out of 10 love it.
One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit: SHEIN 


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