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I had already a Daniel Wellington watch,  but I couldn’t avoid to add a new one in a brown colour in the family I have it in a black colour as well and seriously since I got it last year I haven’t stop wearing it non stop so I’m so happy to add this new one in my top favourite watches I own ;D.

I choose this time for a different model  with small  Swarovski crystal details , I have to say it looks more feminine that way.

I’m loving the guys watch as well , a watch is a perfect gift for him when you don’t know what to buy I always struggle buying something for guys it is so hard sometimes because for girls you have a million of stuff and not for guys.

I think the quality of the watches are gorgeous and they are nicely finish. Nice to know about : the straps ca be alternated ( one pin is included there). so you can swtich from strap at any time ;D.

Daniel Wellington  watches range in price from €99.00 to  €179.00 , there is a temporary action for my lovely followers where you can get  15%  discount on your order with code preppyfashionist and you do not have to pay shipping ;D code valid  until August 31st.

What style watches speak to you the most. what is your favourite model?

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2 thoughts on “New in: Daniel Wellington Watches His and Hers

  1. О! Примерно тоже самое прочитал на 7дей.ру. Уже много раз замечал. Складывается мнение, что они просто переписывают посты. Впрочем… может мне только так кажется 🙂

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