New in: Luxury Nail Polish of the week by Roxanne Campbell


Been a big fan of Essie nail polish for almost two years, I finally can tell you that it is a new brand in the market that is as good as Essie but slightly better because, for this one you don’t need to applied two coats  and  hadn’t used a top coat, I am so pleased with how glossy the formula is, I do usually apply a top coat when I paint my nails but I really didn’t need to with these polishes.  These nail polishes wear for most then a week without a top coat which I think is a really great wear time especially without using a top coat. I didn’t experience any cracks or chips within that period which is always a plus because I cannot tell you how much I hate the idea of topping up a manicure.

The applicator brush may not be as wide as others, the drying speed of the polish is pretty reasonable too, I have no complaints there. It took about near enough the same amount of time as the average nail paint to dry up.

I love nail polishes so much I don’t know about you but I do paint my nails every week I can’t survive without it, Roxanne Campbell nail polish are priced at £10.00 each for 12ml of polish.

Have you heard of this brand or tried them? Which out of the two is your favourite shade? Let me know in the comments below.



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Roxanne Campbell: Stormy weather

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