OMG comic sweater

Who would that guess that I would be mixing red and yellow together that was one of my rules do not never mix yellow and red together but I break the rule and this style looks so awesome I know I’m wearing a sweater in the middle of summer  but you know how Holland is with the weather after 6 o’clock is not warm anymore  I love the mix of course got inspired by my Dearest designer Mr Phillip lim comic sweater.

What I was Wearing:

Hat : H&M
Comic sweater: primark
skirt: courtesy of ROMWE
Boots: bought it online but you can find similar’s at Romwe
Bag: H&M

sunglasses: Mango 


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14 thoughts on “OMG comic sweater

  1. Aw my dear I loveeeeeee this amazing look!! The colour combination is so striking and I am going crazy for your sweater, it’s so cool!!! Head to toe perfection 🙂

    Take care, Daniella xox

  2. That sweater is so cute!! I just did a post on printed sweaters and how trendy they will be for fall. And I love that one! You always make everything look so fashionable. You really have an eye for styling girl! <3


  3. Loving the comic book influence just because I am a massive geek 🙂 I love the trim at the bottom of the sweater too – the gray is such a unexpected nice touch.

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