Party blue dress


I wore this outfit to a dinner with the boy the other night. Though I certainly love the way this dress pairs with heels,I think I’ve always loved the colour blue… I don’t know what it is really, but something about wearing this particularly vibrant hue makes me feel like me the most!  specially now with my beautiful red hair I also noticed that whenever I shop for something, my eye naturally gravitates toward this color,  Today’s little blue dress is my latest find and newest obsession. Flirty and fun, it has this incredibly easy, summery vibe, yet it’s oh so très chic at the same time! Love that!




img_5336 img_5295 img_5320 img_5100 img_4996 img_5028

What I Was wearing:

Blazer: New Look similar HERE

Dress: Twenty Four Fashion

Bag: Gucci

Heels: LittleMistress

Watch: Christian Paul



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