Peplum Blouse and Polka dots

Yeah I finally found a Peplum blouse and a fun one with polka dots on it I always wear clothes without prints if you haven’t notice on my style but this year I’m trying to mix more prints and basic together I love red and blue together I think is the best mix of colour ever I was trying to have a nice shoot with my lovely friend we carry the red lamp and the couch to the park lol and after taking million of pictures that is the one that I like LOL My legs look really white don’t blame me those legs have been hiding under my tights all year long .
Ps: hope you enjoy this look I love it


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20 thoughts on “Peplum Blouse and Polka dots

  1. That first photo is sooooo cool!!!! I love this look honey,the colours are gorgeous and i agree with red and blue being one of the best colour combinations!! Super adoring your polka dot peplum top!! Your gorgeous as always my lovely πŸ™‚

    Take care,Daniella xox

  2. That’s my top!!! That’s the one top from H&M that I wish I would have bought when I was in H&M and didn’t. Now I regret it, because there is no H&M where I live. πŸ™ It looks so cute on you!! Polka dots and peplum: perfect for spring!! And I love your cute beret. You always look so amazing in your outfits! <3


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