Pop art Prullaria

My school girl outfit love red , white and black together the mixing of this 3 colours are awesome and love it <3 Im so a red colour person I don’t know but red always get’s everyones attention on the street LOL hope you all are doing well and like a said before I promess to have my Girly look and love it you know I love skirts and high heels.
with love Virgit

What I was wearing:
Hat/leather jacket: H&M
sunnies: accesories
lace skirt: new yorker
blouse: Villa
booties/socks: New look
bag: zara


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36 thoughts on “Pop art Prullaria

  1. Dear, you have the most amazing style…I’m loving your blog! You take great outfit photos (jealous) and I can tell you always look chic.

    <3 Cambria

  2. Sooo in love with your red lace skirt! Ah and the styling is to die for perfection!!!! Those sunglasses are such a great accessory for this look as are those over the knee socks. Your blouse is so chic,love how it has the contrasting tie 🙂

    Take care my ever so stylish friend,Daniella xox

  3. Gorgeous as usual dear!!! I really love the colour combination for this outfit!!

    Those sunglasses are super edgy but the skirt is so feminine!! Love how you paired them together!!


  4. Oh my gosh,love this! And as you said,red certainly does draw attettion. Its such a bold and seductive colour.
    The mix of the black white and red,are so classic and striking. Really love this preppy style,you look gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments,they were so lovely to read,its always a pleasure and I really appreciate all your support.
    I hope your well and have a lovely weekend x

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