Pow me Wow me

I took this pictures a long time ago I still don’t get tired of wearing my comic sweater over and over again I mixed up with my orange skirt it goes so well with the sweater I make this look kind of boyish  girly like, this last weekend I visited the ice bar in Amsterdam it was so funny drinking out of a ice glass was so cool a nice experience that would definitely advice everyone to try it if you ever get to visit Amsterdam kisses to all of you have a wonderful start of the week.

What I was Wearing:
Hat: H&M
Comic sweater: primark
skirt: zara
shoes: zara
Alexa bag: mulberry


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13 thoughts on “Pow me Wow me

  1. Great outfit my amazing Virgit!!! Loving that awesome sweater, looks great with that cute and flirty skirt and those ever so chic heels. You know I love you and your style 🙂

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  2. I wanted those heels from Zara but I waited too long to get them. But I did get similar ones in a taupe color. I will wear them soon. 🙂 I love that sweater and it looks great with the skirt! <3


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