Recreating my festival look


Remember the festival collage I recreat HERE the other day this outfit was my festival look that I was suppose to wear to live at Leeds festival but unfortunately I was unable to attend because I was very ill and that stop me from going to the festival that I was so excited about because it would had been my very first festival in the UK .

I wore this crazy hair extensions and for a matter of fact it looks so wicked on me I would never though green ombre hair will look so great on me, I’m still considering on dying my hair this colour I got so much  wonderful feedback  but I have to do the next step on colouring my hair blond just thinking that it will damage my hair so much, so a great option is a  wig because so it won’t damage your hair.

Have you try hair extensions in this colour before?

If yes I would love to hear your stories!



m7 m22 m23 m19 m16 m17 m9 m11 m12 m13 m5 m8 m1

What I Was Wearing:

Hat: Ecuaandino

Choker: Choies

Tee: Etsy

Trench coat: Garcia jeans via Tonic Clothing

Vintage belt: Versace

Jeans: Mango similar HERE

Wellies: Spats boots

Sunglasses: Bloc eyewear

Clutch: Boho Betty

Necklace wore as a bracelet: Boho Betty

Bracelet: Boho Betty

Purse: Fibre and Hide

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Hair extensions: Minihouse888



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