Rockstuds Dream

 I have been day dreaming about this babies ever since I saw them it took me more then a year to find them I was almost given up looking in every store I could but never could find them in black the colour that I wanted the most or in nude cause they are easy to combine they only have it in pink but after researching so much I found them and I felt the most happy woman of the world it is so glad when you want something so bad and you find it is like a dream come  true you can find them in BLACK HERE and RED HERE


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14 thoughts on “Rockstuds Dream

  1. hahhahaha:)) I just can’t belive to that post. Can I copy paste it to my blog:)
    This story is exactly the same of mine. I am in love with those heels since last year and I ve been searching those heels for 6 months.(nude or beige ones as you did)
    Berlin rome milano paris and amsterdam but find nowhere. finally I give up and decide to buy noir (black ones) just like yours:)) My friend will bring them to me next week And I will write a post just like this one:))
    Happy to find them finnally, congrats to u too:))

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