Sloan Square


A few weeks back I had the opportunity to collaborate with two creative talented people in London, every time I’m in London is like an adventure for me I get to discover new places  and meet wonderful friendly people probably you are getting sick of me talking about London twenty for seven but I love it so much ;D.

Soon I will be uploading new videos about my London adventures but I will keep you posted .

It wasn’t warm as you think in this pictures but I did wear this look for the G. Hasanova Fashion show and wanted to shared with you guys.

Credits to

Make up by Zoona

Photography by Sharj

Some of the pictures are from my  own personal  Photographer

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What I Was Wearing:

Hat: EcuaAndino

Sleeveless Jacket: ClosetLondon

Stripe Blouse: ClosetLondon

Jeans: Mango 

Boots: Zara similar HERE

Watch: Michael Kors

Bracelet: Balenciaga

Vintage Bag: Dior similar HERE




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