It was so much fun taking  pictures while it was snowing I never did it before even though it only took 5 minutes to take this pictures cause my coat was almost all covered by snow so I run to wear it quick and how are you spending your days in the snow have you make your snowman already ;D 
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What I was wearing:
Beanie: zara men
Sunglasses:  celine
Cardigan: courtesy of NOWISTYLE 
Dog sweater: courtesy of ROMWE
skirt: zara
bag: zara
gloves: H&M
Boots: river island
bracelet: mango


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19 thoughts on “Snowflakes

  1. I’m so glad some bloggers are taking photos in the snow! It never snows where I live so I always love seeing other bloggers take photos when it is snowing. It always looks so pretty. I love that beanie and that dog sweater is so cool! <3


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