Some Changes

I think I never will get enough of this blazer every time I wear it my entire outfit change is always good to invest in such a classic piece and yes I’m wearing again something similar then my other outfit but this time with summer ankle boots  that I love Happy Thursday sweeties.

What I was Wearing:
Hat: H&M Paris collection
Crop top: courtesy of FRONT ROW SHOP
Flower skirt: primark
Blazer: mango
Ankle boots: mango
Bag: Nowistyle


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12 thoughts on “Some Changes

  1. You look so cute in that hat! I went to H&M yesterday and they had a similar hat to yours and so I bought it. Unfortunately they are not selling the Paris Collection in my stores, so I couldn’t get that exact hat. But I like the one I got yesterday. 🙂 I love those cute ankle boots!! They look comfy! <3


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