Sporty look

Happy Tuesday!

I’m really excited about today’s look. As some of you ask me to show case more sporty/casual outfits on the blog , I’m all about trying out new things. Well to be honest when I’m in the mood I dress up sporty when I don’t feel like been to fancy. I think it’s important to step out of your comfort zone here and there, when it comes to style. Hats are definitely a way to do that, for me it totally change your look and love this old Burgundy cap from H&M, I remember when I purchased my very first beanie! I was 16 and it wasn’t even trendy back then, but I remember that I wanted to look like a Parisian woman so badly, haha and now I’m totally obsessed with their style.  and now I own too many to count and love wearing them. And I just keeping buying them in every colour I can find hehe.  When I was putting this look together, I just realise how comfy this look actually is and it looks so cool with the brogues. To be honest when I do my groceries for example I like to be comfy and this is the ideal look for that.


What I Was Wearing:

Cap: H&M sold out similar HERE

Rain Coat: Gloverall

T-shirt: Paper dolls similar HERE

Jeans: Zara similar HERE

Shoes: EMU Australia

Backpack: Freedom of Movement


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