Spring Flower pants

It is finally spring  but it is still so cold awwwww looking forward to the good weather, wearing flower pants just made my day they are gorgeous .

What I was wearing:
Green Jumper: zara
Necklace: courtesy of kristines collection
Flower Pants: courtesy of nowistyle
Green bag: courtesy of Arafeel
Heels: Gifted by my BF 


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27 thoughts on “Spring Flower pants

  1. I have that exact same sweater and never thought to wear it like that! Def tomorrow’s outfit. I noticed you have the Audrey sunglasses by Celine. LOVE THEM, I was wondering if you could post pictures with the glasses close up! I want some but cannot find any full views to them!

  2. Hey beautiful! Did I mention some of your comments have gone into my spam folder on accident! I was looking through my spam folder and i saw a sweet comment from you, then another, actually in the end, a few!

    You look amazing, I love greens on you. (maybe you can figure out why you’re being sorted into spam!)

    Keep in touch!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
    *Belcho USA Giveaway*

  3. Sweetie you’ve brightened up my day with this beautiful spring look! I love your floral trousers and the green sweater looks perfect with them. Those neon soled shoes are also sooo stunning! πŸ™‚

    Take care,
    Daniella xox


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